Gold botanical necklace with flowers

We recently launched a new collection of necklaces, with the theme of Seasons. The Seasons Change collection is the latest addition to the botanical range of jewellery we so love to make and features a new rectangle shaped pendant.

The theme for this collection is inspired by the hope and challenges that a new season brings. We often favour a particular season and attach different emotions to them – the long bright days of summer; the changing leaves of autumn; cosy winter evenings; or the feeling of renewal that comes with spring. Seasons and their changes can evoke all kinds of feelings and memories.

Each necklace in the Seasons Change collection represents a season, with the hopeful message that flowers bloom in all seasons.

Seasons change collection

Winter: Hellebore is the flower for winter and this hardy bloom is proof that flowers bloom in even the harshest of conditions.

Spring: Cherry Blossoms are the hopeful sign of brighter and warmer days to come. 

Summer: Hydrangeas represent gratitude and their colour and generous blooms are a welcome sight on summer days.

Autumn: Dahlias provide colour and delight when all of the summer blooms have faded away.

The necklaces are created using our preferred hand stamping technique, with custom designed metal stamps. The gold filled pendants are stamped with our unique flower designs and are paired with our dainty but durable and adjustable chain.


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