I love entering into a New Year and thinking about all of its possibilities and what it might bring - the feelings of expectation, anticipation and excitement fill me with an eagerness to launch into new projects and activities. 

January can feel incredibly quiet after the hyperactivity of the Christmas period, but it provides a welcome opportunity to set goals, get organised and make exciting plans for the business in the coming year.

So far on the to-do list are three new collections - the first of which will launch in March. The aim is to continue developing A Box For My Treasure as the go-to for delicate, wearable and meaningful jewellery, while providing the best service possible - presented as beautifully as possible. 

In the meantime, there's lots of restocking going on and all out of stock items will be available again within the next week. Free worldwide shipping has also been introduced on orders over €50.

Here's to a New Year... and a fresh start.


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