The newest 'Gold Layering Necklace set' is the most versatile yet - the necklaces are distinct from each other, both in length and style, but coordinate beautifully together. These sets are designed so that each piece can also be worn alone and with that in mind I have put together a style post with ideas on how to wear each piece separately (with images found on Pinterest):

1. Delicate Gold Choker necklace: the choker sits high on the neck, to give a subtle flash of gold sparkle and would compliment a chic white drapey-style blouse.

2. Blue Lace Agate Skinny Beaded necklace: the gemstones in this necklace are a gorgeous purple-blue, which would work wonderfully with a simple and classic white t-shirt and jeans combo.

3. Gold Zodiac Constellation necklace: the pendant in this necklace is imprinted with the pattern of zodiac constellations - the gold and the pattern would contrast nicely with the silver patterned skirt.


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