With a summer holiday at the forefront of my mind (counting down the days!), I'm thinking about what jewellery to pack and sharing some travel tips for choosing and packing those all important accessories.

Choosing your jewellery:

  • Bring some dainty necklaces for day-to-day wear - I like to wear a single necklace during the day.
  • Layer up the individual necklaces for a more dramatic / statement look, for nights out.
  • Bring some glamorous earrings, also for nights out.
  • Include some delicate and colourful bracelets (worn stacked of course) and you're all set.
Packing your jewellery:
  • Pack individual pieces of jewellery in plastic baggies, to avoid tangling.
  • I pack my pieces together in a small purse and keep it in my carry on bag, for peace of mind.
Happy & safe travels!
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