I love finding new ways to store and display my jewellery - both for in my home and for work displays.

Most recently I have been favouring a chic yet practical way to store the pieces of jewellery that I wear almost every day and like to keep to hand on my dressing table.

Jewellery is best stored away from heat and air, to prevent tarnish and oxidisation, and glass storage cases provide a great way to do this. Vintage-style metal framed glass boxes (like the ones pictured above, which I picked up at my local flea market) are a gorgeous way to both look after your jewellery and showcase it in a pretty and chic way. They're also a lovely way to store and display curiosities, treasures and dried flowers.

If scouring flea markets or antique shops to find something similar sounds like too much work, here are some other options available online:

1. Etsy 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Debenhams

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