Everyday jewellery is the kind of jewellery that you feel naked without - your go-to pieces - and it can take some time figuring out your personal style before you narrow these pieces down. But, there some types of jewellery that could almost be considered 'essentials' - the kind of pieces that you can't go wrong wearing.

I have rounded up some of these here (these options are all in gold, but would work just as well in silver):

1. Gold hoop earrings - not too oversized so that they are versatile enough to wear at work or on a night out.

2. Dainty necklace - a necklace that is symbolic and meaningful to you is the perfect everyday piece, such as a personalised one.

3. Gold bracelet - a single gold chain bracelet looks so chic worn alone (and just as lovely stacked with other styles).

Sweet and simple!


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