Want to know how to keep your jewellery looking its best? With a little care your dainty pieces will stay as shiny and new looking as the day you received it.

Some key tips:

  • avoid contact with perfumes, creams (apply these before you put on your jewellery) or chlorine 
  • remove jewellery before swimming or showering
  • store your jewellery away from heat, air and direct sunlight (not on a windowsill, for example) in a ziplock bag or acid-free tissue paper.

Use the guide below to find out how best to care for your A Box For My Treasure jewellery.


Sterling silver can become tarnished and blackened when not worn and left exposed to air - this is called oxidisation. The tarnish can easily be removed with a polishing cloth and the piece restored to its shiny best. But, you can avoid this extra bit of work by storing your sterling silver jewellery in an airtight ziplock bag or in acid-free tissue paper.


Vermeil gold is a plating of gold over sterling silver and can also tarnish and become dull looking. Very gentle polishing with a cotton cloth can help to remove any marks, but take care to be extra gentle as polishing the piece too roughly can remove some of the gold plating. Storing your vermeil gold jewellery away from air, heat and sunlight in an airtight ziplock bag or in acid-free tissue paper will maintain its shiny gold finish.


Gold fill is real gold bonded with a base metal. Perfumes, creams, chlorine and water can cause discolouration or dullness - this can be avoided with correct storage and applying your perfumes and creams before you put on your jewellery. Gold fill jewellery can be gently polished with a cotton cloth. 


Gemstones can fade or become discoloured when exposed to heat and sunlight - take care when not wearing your gemstone pieces to store them correctly to avoid discolouration.

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