Botanical Jewellery Collection

The recently launched Botanical Collection might just be my favourite yet. I'm lucky to live a short walk from Dublin's Phoenix Park and this large city park has become somewhat of a garden for my family and I.

The natural beauty within the park is a constant source of inspiration for me and the jewellery I create, and my aim with the Botanical collection was to capture this in the necklaces that make up the collection.

Each season brings with it a changed landscape in the park and the different pieces represent this: the Evergreen necklace represents the green that is always present somewhere in the park; the Dandelion necklace represents the wild beauty in summer; the Rose necklace represents the People's Garden, which blooms from spring to summer, and the personalised Botanical necklace featuring a branch full of leaves, representing spring and autumn.

These subtle botanical pieces, inspired by my love of nature, have a timeless quality and are made from durable 14k gold fill and each necklace features a disc that is individually stamped.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


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