Necklace Layering ideas

Necklace layering is a jewellery trend that is here to stay and there are endless ways to come up with your own unique combination of necklaces, that works right just for you.

It's a gorgeous way to dress up a casual outfit and to create a signature look.

But there are a few important tips to keep in mind, to avoid the frustration of tangling and to get the balance of the look just right:

> Choose a maximum of 3 necklaces.

> Choose one shorter, almost choker length chain / necklace.

> Mix up your chain styles - you can still keep the look delicate, but a mixture of chain textures will help to avoid tangling.

The perfect combination is one necklace with a pendant, paired with a simple chain. And although most of the examples of necklace layering that we see are with gold metal, layering silver necklaces looks lovely too. 

We've put together a few looks, to show you some of the available options (pictured above):

1. Gold Rope chain, paired with the Hellebore necklace from the Seasons Change collection.

2. Silver Satellite chain, paired with the Silver Birth Flower necklace.

3. Wavy Link chain, paired with the Dainty Gold Layered necklace.

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