It can be confusing when looking at necklaces online to figure out what the right length to choose is, in order for it to sit where you want it to on your chest.

Necklace length guide

We have put together this mini necklace sizing guide of things to consider when working out the right length of chain for you.

1. The circumference of your neck can impact where a necklace will sit on your chest (the photo guide here is a rough example of where different lengths will sit).

2. Necklaces with extender chains will offer you a choice of how to style a necklace (most of our necklaces come as a standard 16"/41cm length and include an extender chain, that allows you to make the chain longer by two different lengths - 17" and 18" lengths).

3. To measure exactly where a necklace would sit on you, take a piece of string and cut it to the length of the chain you have been looking at online (most online listings will include measurements). Then place the string around your neck and check to see the positioning on your chest and whether it is too short, too long or just right.

4. Consider the size of the pendant when measuring - a pendant can pull a chain down further.

While most of our necklaces come as a standard length, we are more than happy to customise the chains to your preferred length. We hand cut each chain specifically for each order, so simply add a note at checkout with the length you would like (the same applies with bracelets).

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