Delicate personalised jewellery made in Ireland

We have been making personalised jewellery in our Dublin studio for quite a few years now (we started out in 2010!) and have been lucky enough to make some very personal and special pieces during this time.

Jewellery has been used to mark special occasions and create memories for aeons, whether it's for a birthday, wedding or to mark the passing of a loved one.

Quite often the process involved in creating a personalised necklace or bracelet is a straightforward one  - a single initial disc necklace to mark a birthday or a set of personalised birth flower necklaces as a thank you gift for bridesmaids. But sometimes, it's a little bit more involved and I get a lovely insight into the reason for the jewellery being made in the first place. 

It could be that the jewellery is a gift for a new mother, so that she can keep a piece of her little one with her at all times and the buyer needs some help in choosing the best option - an initial, birth flower or zodiac symbol or a combination. Other times, it's a set of bracelets to thank a group of friends for their support during a challenging time, but unique to each one and working out how best to do this. And once, it was to mark a major moment of overcoming a serious illness and to acknowledge the strength involved in doing so.

I feel very privileged to get such an insight into people's thoughtfulness and love for each other and their expression of this love through our personalised jewellery collection.

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