Gemstone Jewellery Ireland

Gemstone jewellery is a beautiful way of adding colour to your look in a bold or subtle way. With every colour of the rainbow covered (and then some!) there is truly a jewel for everyone. 

Semi-precious gemstones offer affordable gemstone jewellery options and these include amethyst, turquoise, citrine, peridot and rose quartz.

Precious gemstones are at a much higher price point and these include diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

gemstone jewellery dublin
Many people choose their gemstone jewellery based on colour preference, while others explore and are drawn to the spiritual meanings behind the stones or the significance of birthstones. You can read more about the meanings behind birthstones here.

Most of the gemstones we use are faceted - which means that the stones have many sides. These facets help the stones attract light at different angles and really sparkle and shine - making them oh-so eye-catching.

Gemstone huggie earrings

Our affordable gemstone jewellery ranges in price from €38 for Beaded Huggie earrings up to €60 for our Long Pearl necklace.

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