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Autumn has arrived!

Along with welcoming in a new month and season, it's time to embrace scarves and cosy layers once again and my go-to pick for the perfect accessory to pair with your autumn wardrobe is the Constellation earrings.

The perfect autumn accessory

These gold disc earrings feature a polished finish with a zodiac constellation of your choice (making them extra personal) and are incredibly versatile.

These hard working earrings can be paired with transitional layers (as you ease yourself into the new season) and fluffy knits (as you begin to embrace the cooler temperatures), plus the polished finish means they are the perfect finishing touch to a sleek outfit for a night out.

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I have been receiving lots of requests lately for new earring styles, so I'm excited to share a sneak peek at these new designs.

The new range of earrings is in keeping with A Box For My Treasure's signature style - minimal, dainty and oh-so wearable danglys in durable yellow gold fill and vermeil gold (sterling silver with a solid gold plating).

My favourite is the Constellation earrings - a new addition to the Zodiac jewellery range. Each pair is unique and features your choice of zodiac constellation pattern.

I'm also very excited to announce that a new range of stacking rings in yellow gold and rose gold will be coming soon too!

In the meantime, these earrings will be launched within a few short days.


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With a summer holiday at the forefront of my mind (counting down the days!), I'm thinking about what jewellery to pack and sharing some travel tips for choosing and packing those all important accessories.

Choosing your jewellery:

  • Bring some dainty necklaces for day-to-day wear - I like to wear a single necklace during the day.
  • Layer up the individual necklaces for a more dramatic / statement look, for nights out.
  • Bring some glamorous earrings, also for nights out.
  • Include some delicate and colourful bracelets (worn stacked of course) and you're all set.
Packing your jewellery:
  • Pack individual pieces of jewellery in plastic baggies, to avoid tangling.
  • I pack my pieces together in a small purse and keep it in my carry on bag, for peace of mind.
Happy & safe travels!

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After casting aside the winter layers of clothing that cold weather makes so necessary, I love the easy simplicity that comes with getting dressed in the summer months - who wants to spend ages figuring out what to wear when the sun is shining outside?

A monochromatic look is favoured by lots of style queens right now and part of its appeal to me is how easy it is to put together a look - wearing all of the same colour in one outfit means not having to figure out which colours match or patterns look good together. To offset the monochromatic look a little flash of colour is always welcome and the Green Onyx Teardrop earrings are perfect for this.

Designed with versatility in mind - these earrings can dress up an outfit with their vibrant colour, but the simple drop style means that they are not overwhelming and are light enough to wear all day and evening.

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Images sourced from: Pinterest.


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