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My current no 1 favourite form of social media is without a doubt Instagram - it's one of the first things I check on my phone each morning (and mid-morning and at lunch and mid-afternoon and in the evening... I appear to be developing something of an Instagram addiction).

I'm quite picky about who I follow and have a criteria along the lines of: (a) do the posts inspire me, (b) are the photos lovely and (c) do the posts entertain me. With this in mind, I've rounded up some of my current favourites on Instagram and why I follow them:

1. Jen Gotch - incredibly entertaining posts, with lashings of honesty, which simply makes me want to be Jen's friend. As an added bonus, the professional quality photos are bursting with vibrant colour. 

2. Structure Minerals - beautifully photographed raw gemstones and minerals, in all shapes and sizes, demonstrating how utterly wonderful nature is.

3. The Garden - swoon-worthy flowers and floral arrangements, by Dublin-based florist Mark Grehan.

4. The Frugality - fashion posts from a London-based stylist with an emphasis on affordability and minimalism.

5. Wildflour Bakery - sweet treats and cakes, stunningly and creatively decorated, that look (almost!) too good to eat. And best of all for me: the pictured goodies are available from a nearby cafe.

I've also begun to embrace the app a lot more recently to experiment with taking photos and to show what inspires me, what's happening in the studio, sneak peeks and more.

You can follow me here:


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With warmer weather just around the corner (hopefully!), it's time to start thinking about summer dressing, which means lighter layers and shorter sleeves. It's also the perfect time to start wearing some colour and move away from the dark shades we all seem to favour in the colder winter months.

Another way to add colour is with your accessories and the Skinny Beaded Bar bracelets are a gorgeous way to add some subtle colour - available in both vibrant and pastel shades, these bracelets can be stacked together (I love wearing a combination of the new pastel shades) or mixed with different metals and textures.

Each bracelet is made from petite, high quality semi-precious gemstones (each with their own gorgeous quality and meaning) and 14k gold fill - they are dainty, but durable and tarnish resistant. 


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With a company name that includes the word box, it's always been important to pay extra attention to how I package the jewellery that I make. I love packaging and details and want my customers to feel a sense of excitement when their order arrives.

The packaging has evolved over the years from hand-stamped Kraft boxes to vibrant pink ones, as well as fabric pouches.  

The current packaging was launched when A Box For My Treasure rebranded in November. I wanted to create something that represented the new look and was chic and timeless, but also created a sense of excitement for customers when their order arrived. The result was gold foil embossed black boxes, with velvet lining, which offer a touch of luxury and are also perfect for storing jewellery in.


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Next week, on 22 May 2015, Ireland has the opportunity to show how progressive a country we have become when we vote in the marriage equality referendum.

I'll be voting YES, because I believe in equality. I want to see my gay friends getting to celebrate the amazing experience that marriage is and for them to be recognised as equal citizens.

It's hard to believe now, but until 1993 homosexuality was illegal in Ireland. I hope in 20 years time that we'll be looking back in amazement, thinking about a time when we didn't have marriage equality. 

I believe all love is equal.


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The newest 'Gold Layering Necklace set' is the most versatile yet - the necklaces are distinct from each other, both in length and style, but coordinate beautifully together. These sets are designed so that each piece can also be worn alone and with that in mind I have put together a style post with ideas on how to wear each piece separately (with images found on Pinterest):

1. Delicate Gold Choker necklace: the choker sits high on the neck, to give a subtle flash of gold sparkle and would compliment a chic white drapey-style blouse.

2. Blue Lace Agate Skinny Beaded necklace: the gemstones in this necklace are a gorgeous purple-blue, which would work wonderfully with a simple and classic white t-shirt and jeans combo.

3. Gold Zodiac Constellation necklace: the pendant in this necklace is imprinted with the pattern of zodiac constellations - the gold and the pattern would contrast nicely with the silver patterned skirt.


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To look back at the jam-packed month that April was, here's a short image compilation. The last month saw lots of new pieces of jewellery arriving online, including two new ranges - the Zodiac range and Teardrop gemstone range.

I try not to play favourites, but the Zodiac Constellation necklace is one of my favourite pieces that I've ever made - I'm so happy that I managed to incorporate my love of star signs and astrology with A Box For My Treasure's delicate aesthetic - I hope you like it too!



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One of the newest additions to is the Zodiac Necklace in vermeil gold. This dainty necklace features a simple gold disc, which is subtly embossed with your own zodiac symbol - creating a personal piece of jewellery that you can wear everyday.

With everyday wearability in mind, I have compiled some different and interesting ways to wear this sweet necklace, using my favourite source of inspiration - Pinterest! It looks gorgeous worn with an oh-so-casual and current look, such as with denim overalls or dressed up a little bit with a spring dress:

For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.
For sneak peeks, follow us on Instagram.

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Today on the blog, I'm excited to announce a little giveaway! What's up for grabs? This very boho chic Rose Quartz necklace.

The beautiful natural rose quartz nugget pendant features gold electroplating, hangs from a long gold filled chain AND this gorgeous gemstone is believed to attract love!

HOW TO ENTER - choose one of the following options:

1. Sign up to the monthly newsletter here:

or, if you already subscribe for updates:

2. Email: and your name will be entered into the draw.

All entries will be placed into a draw, to be held on Monday 30 March. The winner (drawn from a hat) will notified via email.


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With a new collection in the works (launching within a few weeks) I wanted to give a sneak peek at what's to come, through what has been providing me with inspiration.

The new collection will be made up of 3 mini collections, with inspiration coming from diverse sources such as Morocco (where I was lucky enough to visit last year), along with constellations and star signs.

To give a taster of what's to come, here's a glimpse of the mood board in the studio:

On the board: colour samples (representing bright gemstones inspired by the colours of Morocco);  zodiac symbols and constellations; the iconic Kim Gordon and my favourite 'Don't Hold Back' print.

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I'm excited to let you know that there's going to be a STUDIO SALE this Saturday. These are only held once or twice a year and are a great opportunity to pick up a bargain (with jewellery from €10). There will be lots of discontinued items, samples and one-offs, PLUS a chance to snap up a piece from the current collection with a special 20% off.

The sale runs for 1 day only from 12-4pm at 68 Dame Street, Dublin 2.

CLICK HERE for a map.

I hope to see you there - Judith.

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